Unique Inventions

During one of our Critical Thinking lessons, we paired up and worked together to create different inventions.  We all had very creative ideas and it wasn’t hard to decide what our inventions were going to be. 

First we discussed together in each group what the invention was going to be, what it was going to do, which materials was it going to be made of, and what it would look like.  We drew our ideas on paper, and whilst doing this, we had to change certain things to make our inventions more realistic. 

When we were happy with our creations, we did the final drawings and prepared to present them to the class.  Our inventions include cars, which besides being used on the roads, can fly and be used in the sea, too.  Another creation is an app with information about different countries which travellers can use to prepare for a holiday abroad.   We created a special bed perfect for those who find it difficult to wake up!

Other inventions include a machine which makes cupcakes on its own from start to finish, a time machine in the shape of a sandwich roll, and two game consoles which include in them the best features of the PlayStation, Nintendo and other game consoles. 

We put high prices on our inventions as we think they’re very unique!

Year 6.6 Cheetahs