Pirates of the Caribbean

During one of our P.E. Lessons, we played the game Pirates of the Caribbean.   We created a playing area with three zones:  Treasure Island, the Beach and the Treasure Cave.  We placed some quoits inside the Treasure Cave area. 

A group of  students had to stand inside the Beach area. These students were the adventurers.  Two or three students started off as pirates.  Each pirate was given a bib to wear.  On the teacher’s signal, the game began.  Adventurers had to attempt to make their way to the Treasure Cave, take one piece of treasure and bring it back to the Beach. They kept doing so until there was no more treasure in the Treasure Cave. 

Meanwhile, pirates attempted to catch any adventurer who stepped onto Treasure Island.  Pirates couldn’t tag players who were on the Beach or in the Treasure Cave.  If an adventurer was tagged, they had to remain frozen in place.  If they were holding onto a piece of Treasure when they were tagged, they would have to give it to the pirate who tagged them.  Then the pirate would return it to the Treasure Cave. 

Frozen players became unfrozen if a fellow adventurer took them by the hand and brought them to the Beach. When an adventurer was being brought to the Beach, both the rescuer and the rescuee couldn’t be tagged by pirates.  Play continued until there was no treasure left in the Treasure Cave or until all of the adventurers were frozen.

We had so much fun during this lesson.  The most important thing is that we learned to be part of a team.

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